Vermilion Pickups is a company producing the highest quality guitar pickups from the highest quality parts and components available on the market.

The pickups are manufactured using a method/technique commonly referred to as “scatterwound”, which you can read about in one of the articles on this site.

How did it all start?

Music and skateboarding have always been a part of my life. You could say that I was of those more “sensitive” children – I felt more, liked to draw, create.

I remember like today when a friend gave me a cassette of “Master of Puppets” – it was something new, cool, completely unknown to me, wild and untamed. At the time, however, I didn’t think to start playing the guitar at all, which increasingly appeared in my life, but for the time being only in the form of played music.

I was fortunate that people around me listened to a lot of music – various and extremely good – we borrowed each other’s CDs, recordings, met new bands. From time to time we would meet in the basement, where our friend Zbyszek (the only one who played guitar) would show us guitar tricks, which we would cheerfully falsify on our old, borrowed acoustic-classical guitars.

Before I knew it, I was already running around with a skateboard in one hand and an electric guitar in the other, and I was being played on headphones by the best, now sadly deceased – Rysiek, Chester, Trevor.

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Before I knew it, I was already running around with a skateboard in one hand, an electric guitar in the other, and the best, now sadly deceased – Rysiek, Chester, Trevor – were playing on my headphones.

The first rehearsals, concerts, savings passed on various equipment, actually tons of equipment. I tested hundreds of guitars, pickups. I modified, disassembled, set up, sold, bought, traded.

Many of us fell into this vortex ;). I have remained in it to this day. Transducers became my hobby – the number of transducers I managed to “test”, “check” is almost cosmic – this knowledge I gained over the years was to finally bear fruit, when in the back of my mind the thought appeared more and more often – “how about assembling my first transducer?”.

Somewhere in the so-called meantime, I started my military service, which consumed me for almost 9 years. I did a bit of sightseeing, hiking, jumping, shooting, met a lot of cool people (the less cool ones quite a lot, too). However, for some time a thought has been germinating in me to change something….

…And so, in short, the idea of Vermilion Handwound Pickups was born, which after many sleepless nights I managed to realize.

To provide the best quality handmade guitar pickups with soul that are made with the best components on the market.

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