American Dream 57′

American Dream 57’ model is a pickup inspired by early ‘Patent Applied For’ (PAF) humbuckers powered by 2,5 inch rought cast AlNiCo II magnets. As an archetype P.A.F, the Vermilion AMD 57’ model is characterized by asymmetrically wound coils which gives it extended frequency response and  sensitive touch feeling.

It is a sweet, articulate humbucker with warm bass, hollow mids and smooth high end. It’s clear and dynamic. Low notes have warmth and fullness; the highs are sweet with a little bit of mellowness and vocal character, while the mids are slightly scooped which gives it sweet percussive vintage tone.

Sound samples are raw. Signal chain: Gibson LPJ 2014, Orange Rocker 32 (2xppc212), m13, shure sm57.



Position: Bridge Position: Neck
DC Resistance: 8.0 kΩ DC Resistance: 7.2 kΩ
Magnet: AlNiCo II Rough Cast Magnet: AlNiCo II Rough Cast

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