Meet the Lord of all vampires! The most powerful and brutal of all creatures.

Dracula is a modern Rail-type humbucker with an extremely high output level.
Maximum exposure of the mid and low bands provide a dark, rubble sound, with a lot of compression. Thanks to the double rail coils and asymmetrical design, the high frequency range is emphasized, emphasizing the aggressive character of the pickup.

Due to the design and asymmetrical coils of pickup, the direction of its installation/position of the north and south coils has a great impact on the final sound of this humbucker.

Blade coil creates very equal magnetic field across the strings, which you can experience especially during big bends and solos.

Taste the blood.

Sound samples are raw. Signal chain: Gibson LPJ 2014, Orange Rocker 32 (2xppc212), m13, shure sm57.



Position: Bridge DC Resistance: 26,6 kΩ Magnet: Ceramic

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