Obsidian (Obsidian Mantra Signature) – 7 String

Black is a color that definitely reflects the power of this humbucker.

Obsidian like its natural counterpart, arouses many emotions and desires, while absorbing and releasing extraordinary amounts of energy.

“After years of collecting, testing and constantly comparing pickups, the moment has come to collaborate with Vermilion Pickups – the forge where “Obsidian” was born in the black fumes under a heavy hammer. Together we managed to create an epic signature model that takes the Obsidian Mantra sound quality to the next level .

Obsidian beautifully and unobtrusively exposes the trebles, which is desirable in extreme playing. It has a wonderful deep low end that spits the speakers out of the column during aggressive palm muting. It works perfectly on both tube heads and digital gear.

No matter how strange it may sound, Obsidian combines certain opposites that seem to have no right to coexist – it is at the same time extremely strong and legible, pleasantly compresses damping, although it is very dynamic.”

Mateusz Witan, Obsidian Mantra.

OBSIDIAN MANTRA is a death metal band from Poland, formed in 2014. The core of the band’s style is groove-centric death metal, which is based on atmospheric and black metal elements.

Sound samples are raw. Signal chain: Mateusz Witan Obsidian Mantra Rig.


Position: Bridge DC Resistance: 21.5 kΩ Magnet: 3x Ceramic Bar


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