Sudetian Winter – 7 String

There are many old legends about the land called Sudety, that within time has been more and more forgotten. This land has seen  many wars, plagues, blood, rapes, fallen castles, fortress, miseries. All these memories, the monuments, abandoned mountains and villages create unique atmosphere that combined with beautiful and wild nature can be very inspiring.

Sudetian Winter is a contemporary humbucker pickup that has been powered by three Ferrite bar magnets. The asymmetrically wound coils, “Dual Response Construction”, give it nice airy properties that  are useful in modern music.

It  has lots of clarity and deepness. In spite of the construction, it is very dynamic. It can be very subtle and very raw when hitting hard. The lows are fast, midrange and high frequencies are boosted.

Sound samples are raw. Signal chain: Gibson LPJ 2014, Orange Rocker 32 (2xppc212), m13, shure sm57.



Position: Bridge Position: Neck
DC Resistance: 17.7 kΩ DC Resistance: 11.71 kΩ
Magnet: 3x Ceramic Bar Magnet: 3x Ceramic Bar

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