B.A.F / Bazbucker (Bazok Signature)

“Coil splitting is overrated. Make me a hot PAF that will sound like a juicy Telecaster when you turn down the volume knob.” Bazok said, then went back to editing the videos.

No, not really. The story could start like this, but in fact the driver you are viewing is the result of an experiment called Pimp My PRS.

B.A.F (Bazok Applied For or Bazbucker :D) – these are pickups that are a tribute to P.A.F humbuckers from the 50’s whose heart is driven by asymmetrically wound coils and 2.5″ AlNiCo II Rough Cast magnets.

“The B.A.F embodies the vision of my dream humbucker. Glassy, ​​middle, warm sound, with withdrawn bass and perfect cooperation with the volume potentiometer. You turn it on full – you have a juicy, purring PAF. You start to swerve and your guitar seamlessly transforms into a fat telecaster. No snaps, coil disconnects and other frills that usually only look great in specs. Of course this humbucker gives you those options, but for me the beauty is in the simplicity. The guitar is meant to be an extension of your hand, not an airplane cockpit. Thanks to the B.A.Fs, my American PRS has gained a new life, and I am celebrating another honeymoon with it”

For the full B.A.F experience you need the treble bleed mod. The bazok uses a 0.001uF capacitor and a 220kOhm resistor. You will get it in a set with the pickup (or two sets when you buy the whole set).

This mod consists in modifying the volume potentiometers according to the scheme:





Position: Bridge Position: Neck
DC Resistance: 8.5 kΩ DC Resistance: 8.2 kΩ
Magnet: AlNiCo II Rough Cast Magnet: AlNiCo II Rough Cast

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