Popiór (J. Hiro Signature)

“Popiór is an angel who has sat down on earth and is beginning to enjoy human excitement and pleasure. Eventually he notices that with each such pleasure, a feather falls out.”

Roman Kostrzewski

Popiór is a modern-sounding humbucker that delights in heavy sound. Selectivity, power and aggression are its features that can steal your heart, but Popiór is an angel with two faces. It will also work well in progressive music, where the compression, hard sound of steel blades combined with a high level of dynamics can surprise with its full sound.

This pickup was designed under the watchful ear of Jacek HIRO – a living legend of the Polish metal scene – guitarist, composer and lyricist, known from bands such as: Sceptic, Dies Irae, Decapitated, Virgin Snatch, VooDoo Gods, Never, Saratan, Corruption, Kat & Roman Kostrzewski, Popiór.

The goal when designing Popiór was to replace the previously used “500” and introduce several modifications, according to Jacek’s instructions, which resulted in the creation of a humbucker without compromises.

Popiór is an asymmetrical rail humbucker with an unusual design. It’s based on two bobbins wound with two different winding wires – 43AWG and 44 AWG. Two long steel rails, driven by ceramic magnets, are responsible for even distribution of the magnetic field and high output.

Will you taste the forbidden fruit?

Sound samples are raw. Signal chain: Gibson LPJ 2014, Orange Rocker 32 (2xppc212), m13, shure sm57.



Position: Bridge Position: Neck
DC Resistance: 16.9 kΩ DC Resistance: 11.0 kΩ
Magnet: Ceramic Magnet: Ceramic

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