What is scatterwounding and how it’s affet the tone?

that they are wounding by the method called „Scatterwound”.

To fully understand the following method, we should define most common on guitar pickup market produceing method – „Machine Wounding”.
Machine Winding” – it is a situation when programmed machine spins the bobbin and moves back and forth at a regular pace, distributing the wire evenly across the bobbin. The bobbin wounded in this way have regular winding pattern

“Scatterwounding” is method where a machine spins the bobbin, and the magnet wire is distibuted by operator who distributes the wire along the bobbin in an intentional scattered or random pattern.

It makes a big influence on the guitar pickup construction and its sound.
When the bobbin in scatterwounded, the magnet wire is distributed unregular.

First of all, when you scatter wind a pickup, you’re not placing the wire as close to itself on each layer as you would with a machine. The effect is to create more air space in the coil. This lowers the distributed capacitance. When the capacitance is lowered, the result is more treble in overal sound. The pickup is more dynamic too. The resonant peak of the pickup will increase slightly. Secondly, each scatter-wound pickup will sound slightly unique (but don’t be afraid. If you order P.A.F type American Dream 57’ pickup, it will be still sound like American Dream 57’ model – you will not Get „Morning Star” model or other. The differences in sound are really sublte and always in pickup model ballpark.)

You can say that the Scatter winding is unideal. Yes, it is! As it happends in life, and especially in music – the ideal things are boring. None of us want our guitar to sound boring, without character or some mojo, which can inspire us to playing guitar or discovering new paths in music.

That was the magic of first pickups – their non-perfecion. The unregular magnet wire layers we achive more clear, open and The result is a clearer, more open sound twith extra detail and Dynamics.

All Vermilion Pickups are produce by Scatterwound method.

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