The Corpse Of Pumba – 7 String

The Corpse Of Pumba is an unusual humbucker with an extremely high output level.
The throaty nature of the pickup and the smoothed hi end turn this humbucker into an extremely fat, wild machine of destruction.

Asymmetric coils allows to bring out a lot of brutality and clarity, especially in Hi-Gain settings.

As standard, this pickup is based on a ceramic magnet, but it can also be built as an AlNiCo V magnet version. (With the AlNiCo V magnet, the hi frequencies becomes even more smooth, the midrange becomes more organic and exposed, and the bottom becomes rounder).

This humbucker works perfectly with the bridge models: Crow (AlNiCo V – bridge) and NORD (Ceramic – bridge) working as neck pickup.

The Corpse of Pumba will easily sound like an angry, fat pig and its guttural sound will be perfect for all doom and metal generes, but not only.

Sound samples are raw. Signal chain: Gibson LPJ 2014, Orange Rocker 32 (2xppc212), m13, shure sm57.



Position: Bridge DC Resistance: 23,9 kΩ Magnet: Ceramic

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